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Can You Keep Chickens In Your City?

I live in an area that does allow homeowners to keep 2 chickens without a permit. If I wanted to get anymore I would have to go before the city council  requesting a permit to do so. Plus, I would have to have the go ahead from every household that is within 200 feet from our home. There is a small fee involved with getting a permit.

Below I have listed the basic rules for keeping chickens in the cities located in the Twin Cities.

minneapolis farmers market chicken

St. Paul:

You can have one hen without a permit.  To have more than one you will need to get 80% of neighbors within 100 feet to say it is ok. You also will need to apply for a permit with the city. Roosters are not allowed. Submit your application to the St. Paul Animal Control Center within the Department of Safety and Inspections (651) 266-1100.


You must have a permit issued by Minneapolis Animal Care and Control. Written consent of at least 80% of your neighbors within 100 feet of your property is required. All permits issued shall expire on January 31 of the following year after its issuance unless sooner revoked. The application fee for such permit shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) which shall be paid at the time of application. The annual renewal fee thereafter for such permit shall be forty dollars ($40.00). Minneapolis Animal Care and Control will inspect the premise annually or as deemed necessary. The fee for a five-year permit will be one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00). All five-year permits issued shall expire on January 31 of the year following the fifth year after its issuance unless sooner revoked. Minneapolis Animal Care and Control will inspect the premise annually or as deemed necessary. The phone number for City Hall is 612-673-3000.


It is unlawful to keep or maintain more than two chickens without a permit. The applicant must pay to the city clerk such initial permit fee and renewal permit fee as shall be established from time to time by council resolution. Upon submission of the initial application, the city clerk must set a date for a hearing on the application before the city council and must notify the owners of all properties located within 200 feet of the subject premises of the date and time of the hearing. In the handbook it states this; It is unlawful to keep or maintain roosters or bees, without first having obtained a permit therefor. I don’t know anyone who keeps a rooster. If you do, please let me know because it would be very cool to hear how it is going in the city. Main switchboard phone number at City Hall is 763-537-4534.

Golden Valley:

You can now keep chickens!

Saint Louis Park:

At this time St. Louis Park does not allow backyard chickens.


The city doesn’t talk about chickens in the bylaws. Right now you can have them as long as you aren’t being a nuisance. Don’t keep any roosters and you shouldn’t have a problem. The phone number for City Hall is 763-425-2624.

Maple Grove:

You can have backyard chickens within these guidelines: If you own 1- 1 1/2 acres you may keep up to 6 chickens. If you own 1 1/2 to 2 acres you may keep up to 25 chickens. That’s a lot of hens! The numbers keep going up for the number of acres you live on. Also, if you currently live in a zone that states it is zoned residential/agricultural you may keep chickens. However, there isn’t much zoned residential/agricultural in Maple Grove anymore. You need to contact the police station if you have questions regarding backyard chickens. That number is 763-494-6100.

– Kelly


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Sunday 10th of April 2016

How about Orono? I can't seem to find the rules for my city.

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Tuesday 10th of July 2012

Good evening. I live about 120 miles north of you and always did wonder about the cities and chickens. We have at the least 50 chickens and at the most 75 (until the fox and her babes run through and thin them out) and it is awesome to have eggs and free meat at any time. I get 36 or more eggs a day and with the daycare I have at home it's awesome to be able to eat and bake at any time. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog. Enjoy your wee ones and all the wonderful times you are having. Take care and God Bless!!


Tuesday 10th of July 2012

Hi Julie, Thank you for reading my blog. I haven't had any issues with foxes, but a friend of mine did. She lives 10 minutes from our house. She told me it was awful. She saw the fox jumping over her fence with a hen in his mouth. One night I came home late with the kids and just as I was pulling up to the house I had a coyote running across our front yards. He was more scared of me getting out of the van than I was of him. It helps having a full privacy fence and our coop is pretty safe for the ladies. Do you have any other animals?