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Experience The Small Town Charm Of Delano, Minnesota

Close your eyes and envision the entrance to a small town where the American flag greets you as it proudly blows in the wind. Cars drive slowly and folks can cross the street with the ease of a farmer’s wave. The buildings’ facades are layered brick upon brick and the businesses have been passed down from one family generation to the next. Baseball fields are filled with kids ready to break last year’s records. Visitors can sense the strong aroma of community and family values just by breathing in the air. This is one place in Minnesota most would be happy to call home. This charming vision exists in the town of Delano.


Delano was named after Francis Roach Delano, who was the warden of the first State Prison and the first superintendent of the Saint Paul & Pacific Railroad. It currently houses a few over 5,400 residents and it is a delightful town to visit. Join me as I spend the day in this quaint spot on the map of Minnesota.

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I drove into town from the North, on Highway 17, on a rainy spring day. As I drew near the town’s edge I could already feel the All-American dream take hold of me.

Delano small town mn american dream

Post Photo delano minnesota main street best places to live mn

The welcome mat of Delano is a street lined with our country’s flag, the back-drop the Delano Municipal Baseball Park, which was awarded the Tink Larson High School Field of the year in 2013 and the Tink Larson Midwest Field of the year last year. It’s a pretty impressive place to play ball!

Delano Municipal Baseball Park

delano baseball park field mn

Delano Municipal Baseball Park scoreboard mn best field

I was scheduled to meet with Alex Roeser, the president of the 4th of July committee, at his American Family Insurance office for a grand tour of his hometown.

Alex Roeser – Our Tour Guide

Alex american family insurance delano mn

Delano is known for hosting the oldest and largest 4th of July celebration in Minnesota. Over 30,000 visitors flock to this small town every year for the big event. The community really pulls together and completely organizes, operates and supports the attraction. All of the proceeds earned from the four-day holiday go back into the community. There is a huge parade, a 5K race, a softball tournament, the local firemen’s waterball game, an entertainment stage, food and much more for the whole family to enjoy!

Largest 4th Of July Celebration In MN

4th of july delano parade mn 2015

fourth of july delano parade float mn fireworks best

If you are planning on joining in on the activities there is a brand new hotel in town called the GrandStay. Book soon, as I am sure it will fill up fast during the 4th of July.

delano church bridge street sign small town mn

As we made our way towards Main Street, Alex informed me that Delano’s downtown was featured in the movie A Simple Plan, in 1998. You might remember “Monster Hockey,” an actual store-front, if you have seen the movie. Grumpy Old Men, which I have watched countless times, was also filmed in Delano.

delano flowers and gifts shop review

Our first stop was to meet with “Delano Floral and Gifts” owner, Deann Shoutz. She has been a busy lady lately. Deann recently moved her shop around the corner, remodeled, and opened her new doors about two weeks ago. With the help of her precious daughter the store looks lovely and smells amazing.

Deann Shoutz – Delano Floral & Gifts Owner

delano flower shop hours review feature mn best

Deann was arranging special pieces for an upcoming funeral. She is also getting ready for Mother’s Day and the school prom season. When I asked her what she loved about Delano most she replied, “I love Delano. The people, small town and how there is a connection everywhere you go.” We didn’t spend too much of her time since she was tending to the flowers.

The Mavericks Of Delano…

coffee meet up older men delano mn group

I was also excited to be introduced to a special group of local men who are known as The Coffee Clatch, which meets daily at the local Coborns. The group consists of men of different ages and political views, mostly retired professionals, who are united by their love of a good conversation over a hot pot of coffee. They are a bunch of fun-loving fellows who love to dish out a ton of heck to one another, that is for sure. One of them is planning a trip around Lake Superior this summer and he was getting a full day’s worth of teasing; he joked that the rest of the men were beating up on him that morning. It is all good laughs and I could see they liked one another’s company.

Downtown Beauty Salon

the beauty shop delano mn charming towns

The “Downtown Town Beauty Salon,” which was exactly what I would think a small town beauty parlor would be, was filled with friendly ladies chatting away while the stylist pinned back the hair of a lovely woman who was happily seated in her salon chair. They seemed to be enjoying their conversation as I poked around the shop, taking photos of such things as the vintage hair perm machine.

Would You Trust This With Your Hair?!

vintage hair perm machine

It looked more like a time machine, and hooking up to it would actually transport me back to the 1930’s. I was happy to find out they no longer use it, but have it out on display for those in the waiting area.

mn best playgrounds parks delano top

Delano’s park system is one of the best in Minnesota. Thanks to the playground equipment company Landscape Structures, which is located in town.

Delano parks play lsi mn review

I was amazed by one of the park designs that features a full workout station. I can see myself saying, “Kids go play while mom loses a few pounds” what a great idea! I actually went back to Delano with my kids a few days later, just to go play at their parks!

Family Owned Meat Market

rieder meat market and lockers homemade sausage ham bacon delano mn

Next I went into “Reider’s Meat Market,” where I found owner, Bud Rieder, preparing a special treat for a friend. It truly is something else to walk behind the counter of a local meat market and see things done the old fashioned way, by hand. It makes me appreciate my food a bit more.

delano meat market review mn best

The market has now been in the family four generations, and the Delano Area Chamber of Commerce named it business of the year in 2014. Rieder’s is filled with the good old stuff, like the glass case from 100 years ago (give or take a few) and the 70 year old wooden desk that is Bud’s junk holder. “You wouldn’t believe it, but every drawer has something in it, and if I got rid of it where would I put it all?!” he exclaimed.

houses for sale in delano mn

In addition to all these highlights, Delano has a history of having a successful school system. It was named a 2013 National Blue Ribbon School, for educational excellence by the U.S. Department of Education, one of six Minnesota schools that year to be given this award. Many people move here just for the academic excellence. They soon find out all the other treasures it offers.

delano minnesota small town feature life in mn blog 2015

Alex was a wonderful tour guide; perhaps he missed his calling and should turn from insurance agent to travel advisor?

*Note parade photos credit to the town of Delano.

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17 thoughts on “Experience The Small Town Charm Of Delano, Minnesota”

  1. You hit on some of the great highlights of this wonderful small town! I am very surprised that your tour guide did not take you to the place for which Delano is best known – the Peppermint Twist! People travel from far and wide to experience this unique, throwback from the ’50s, drive-in! From its signature fresh raspberry shakes and other great food, to the order-from-your-car speakers and carhops, to the outdoor jukebox and dance floor, to the picnic area and play area for kids… the Peppermint Twist is a one-of-a-kind. Sorry you missed it!

    1. Hi Carol, We drove by the Peppermint Twist and it was still closed for the season. It would be fun to have a photo of it when it’s hoppin’!

  2. Celene Gunderson

    Just saying it is nice that Delano also has Golden Living Center of Delano, a long term/short term skilled nursing facility to serve the community. No need to leave town if you need a little rehab or help with a loved one.

  3. Sheldon & Jane Larson

    Thanks for the tour my husband loved it. He has fond memories of life in Delano. Love the 4th of July events.

  4. Cheryl VanderLinden

    This was such a delight to see today. I had just finished my first ever Toastmaster speech today “When it comes right down to it, I’m a small town girl” covering highlights on growing up in Delano. It was a hit. The room loved our town. I was told to save it, competition worthy. That’ s living the small town life!

  5. Larry Gunderson

    I totally enjoyed the tour of my home town. I have fond memories of my 62 years in Delano. I too believe you should return for a stop at the PEPPERMINT TWIST which opened in 1957 as an A & W Root beer Drive in. They do have the best Raspberry shakes around, we stop for one every time we travel back to Delano.

  6. I didn’t know that there was the small town style community so close to the city. I always figured you had to get a couple hours away from the city to get that feel. Great article & great looking town.

  7. Michelle Chapman

    Hi Kelly! Thank you for the wonderful homage to our wonderful community! I grew up in South Minneapolis and moved to Delano 20 years ago. Cannot image living anywhere but here….I have subscribed and will make sure share with all of my friends.
    Michelle Chapman

  8. Mary Ann (Hutter) Thalmann

    I spent the first 21 years of my life in Delano, and have never missed a 4th of July parade . I was nostalgic when saying Delano was a wonderful town to grow up in! There are many, many memories of happy childhood days!

  9. Very interesting info. My niece and her family live in Delano and they love it. We have visited a few times and agree that it is a quaint little town and can see why the residents love it..

  10. I will always love my little town of Delano! I come to visit every vacation, and stay as long as I can! My kids, and grandkids live there. Delano is one of the best small towns around!

  11. May Glynn-Simonson

    Proud former resident of Delano! The big yellow house pictured in this article is my former home. My parents raised 12 children there and I am a 92 graduate of Delano High School. The memories of this small community will live on forever in my heart. The ppl. in this town are amazing. Two of my sisters were in a bad car accident in 93 and it was amazing to see the support of this small town. Fun to see my old house featured here!

  12. One of the best and longest (30 minutes) small town fireworks put on by a MN group. This group is a hobbyist and semi-professional group of pyrotechnicians that love their boomers!!

  13. Hi Kelly-

    I am shooting a high school senior in Delano in September. Your railroad track photo is super intriguing. Can you give me the location of that spot? I’m looking for spots to shoot and I’m not familiar with the Delano area. Any help would be greatly appreciated! -Jeff

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