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17 Great Things To Do In Burnsville, Minnesota

Have you ever been skiing in the summer or ice fishing in winter? Does the taste of thirty different flavors of beer make you think of somewhere you’ve been? Have you had the pleasure of taking a walk through protected territory? These are just a handful of great things to do in Burnsville, Minnesota. From roller skating and escape rooms to snowboarding and kayaking, in Burnsville, just about anything is possible. Well, perhaps not anything, but there sure is a lot you can choose from starting with our list of great things to do in Burnsville.

Visitng Fort Snelling State Park is one of the best things to do in Burnsville, Minnesota
Visitng Fort Snelling State Park is one of the best things to do in Burnsville, Minnesota

1. Fort Snelling State Park

The first location on our list of great things to do in Burnsville, Minnesota includes biking, birding, and wildlife. These are just some of what you can expect from Fort Snelling State Park. A hike onto Pike Island will give you the opportunity to see the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers. Even better than just looking at the water, you can rent kayaks to go for a paddle on Gun Club Lake. If you are more of a land creature, you can take a cycle along the paved bike trails.

For a more educational experience, visit the science and nature museums and find out about the ethnic heritage of the Mdewakanton Dakota people in the area. You can visit Fort Snelling itself and get a view of military life in the 1820s.

In winter, there are cross-country ski trails and spaces for dog sledding and Skijoring. You can also rent snowshoes, or enjoy ice fishing. Make sure you allocate enough time to enjoy all this park has to offer.

2. Buck Hill

Skiing and snowboarding on summer camp? Who would’ve thought that was possible? With the Neveplast artificial snow slope at Buck Hill, that is just what your kids will be doing. Of course, in winter all levels of skiers can enjoy the cross-country trails and snowboarding on real snow.

Buck Hill is an action sports resort, focused on offering even more than activities on snow. You can take a mountain bike ride along one of the trails. It may even be the opportunity to camp out for a night or two.

3. Minnesota Valley Nature Wildlife Refuge

This protected area was created in 1976 specifically to preserve the habitats of migratory birds and other wildlife. The refuge is a green belt with some marsh and wetlands, but also woodlands and prairies. The main attractions are birding and viewing wildlife.

To help the public appreciate the area, some recreational activity was planned in the refuge. Take a hike through the woodland, over the prairie, or tackle the wetlands. Then, you can ride a trail bike, or do a bit of skiing and snowboarding in winter. There are no artificial trails, so you are really at one with nature. For a more relaxing time, why not take a pole and indulge in a little fishing? At the educational center, you will learn about the birds and their habitats from the videos and exhibits.

4. Alimagnet Dog Park

Black and white dog running on grass
Enjoy amazing things to do in Burnsville with your furbaby

Finding things to do in Burnsville is not only about you, but can be about your canine friend. Alimagnet Dog Park is seven acres of off-leash canine exercise area. There are walking paths and benches from which you can keep an eye on your dog. Or you can wander through the wooded area with him. To make sure your doggie won’t bolt at the entrance, there is a double-gated entry.

Of course, don’t forget to pick up after your dog. There are baggies and bins available to help you do just that.

5. Ames Centre

For a little culture, take in a performance at the Ames Performing Arts Centre. Opened in 2009, the complex features two theaters and a 2000 square feet exhibition gallery. There are also meeting rooms if you want to combine the theatrical experience with a work conference.

Ames seeks to present a wide range of performance types and material and is home to cultural events, dramas, comedies, dance, and musical arts.

6. Grand Slam

Grand Slam is a 3000-foot indoor amusement center, with a range of activities, games, rides, and more. You can play mini-golf or video games, or ride bumper cars. Everything to appeal to all ages and stages.

There is a dedicated play zone for kids under 11. Get organized with a package for unlimited play, or just take a single play ticket.

7. Escapology

Escape from one of the best things to do in Burnsville, Minnesota
Escape from one of the best things to do in Burnsville, Minnesota

Who doesn’t enjoy a good puzzle and a little mystery? At Escapology, teams of up to eight players enter an escape room and have to work together to solve puzzles and follow clues to find a way out. Organize a team of your own, or go along and join other visitors. This is the perfect way to get your brain cells working and bond with others.

8. Paragon Odyssey 15

Wherever you are, taking in a movie is always a plus. Why not take it a step further, though, and see your movie on a huge screen at an IMAX movie complex. This is just something you just have to do. With the reclining seats, you can luxuriate and just enjoy the movie. Taking the food from the bar into the theater adds a special touch. Then there is the joy of the extended screen that brings the movies up close and puts you right in the experience. With multi-screens, Paragon Odyssey 15 offers the movie visit you will talk about for weeks after visiting Burnsville.

9. Abdallah Candies

Kids of every age enjoy candies. That means you too. Imagine the joy of wandering through a gourmet chocolate shop, with over two hundred varieties of chocolate and candies. Abdallah Candies was established in 1909 and is still family-owned. The chocolates all follow the original recipes that first gave the candy emporium its identity.

If you want to indulge your sweet tooth just a bit more, after visiting the shop, there is an online store for you to browse. Real quality chocolate is only a step or a click away in Burnsville.

10. PROKART Indoor Racing

Ever fancied yourself a Michael Schumacher, or a Lewis Hamilton? Burnsville can’t offer you a Formula One experience, but it does bring you PROKART indoor racing – where you will find yourself behind the wheel of a kart, racing just like the pros. At least, that is what it will feel like.

PROKART is an indoor racing track where every level of drive from beginner to pro will have the time of their life. Go as an individual, for a party, or as a corporate team-building event and let the wheels take you.

11. Statesville Family Roller skating Centre

There is beauty and grace in roller skating along with some rhythm. At the roller skating rink at Statesville Centre, the whole family will find their wheels and their fun. Whether you visit the rink as part of a birthday party, or a family outing, the kiss of the wheels on the wooden rotunda skating floor will keep you rolling.

Besides the skating, there is a game arcade with a whole range of games and a snack bar.

Bring your own skates or rent them: both roller skates and inline skates and roll along, having the time of your life.

12. Surly Brewery Company

Surly is an independent craft brewery that you will need to visit to try the thirty tap lines available for you to taste. There is a beer hall, kitchen, and beer garden, so you will have the space to sit and take the time to sip your way through a whole lot of beer. Order up a flight at one of the best things to do in Burnsville.

13. Crystal Lake Beach

There is a twenty-eight-acre park on the banks of Crystal Lake that brings you to the water and to the earth. Take a strong walk along the hard trail around the park, or go out on the water. There are paddleboards and canoes for rental. When you are hungry, or a little tired, take a picnic on one of the dedicated picnic shelters that can house up to twenty people. In between courses, take your family and friends and play a little volleyball.

Then, of course, there is Crystal Lake Beach, for fun in the sun and a little swim in the lake. The beach is not guarded, so remember to take care.

14. Soccer Blast

Doing some physical activity is key to keeping strong and even happy. Why not do this when you visit Burnsville? The best place to do so is at Soccer Blast, an indoor sports venue for both children and adults. You can take a moment to indulge in playing a sport, or taking part in a fitness program. If yours is only a fleeting visit, pop in for a once-off fitness class and feel on top of the world.

15. Kinni Kayaks

Kayaking on still water, taking in the air and the surrounding sites, enjoying the peaceful splash of the paddles. Isn’t that the dream? Kinni Kayaks offers you the opportunity to do just that. You can rent kayaks or canoes. These are plastic float-on-tops, which anyone from a complete beginner to an experienced paddler will have fun in.

Kinni holds fun days for complete beginners during the main season, from early spring to late fall. Take the time to kayak down the river, just you and the water. At least, you and your family in a fleet of kayaks enjoying the fun out in the sun.

16. St Croix Lanes

Friends having fun while bowling
Friends having fun while bowling

What can be more enjoyable indoors than bowling? With family and friends, as a visitor or a local, St Croix Lanes bowling alley will give you a sense of achievement when you get a strike or an idea of a second chance with a spare.

St Croix is about playing for fun, or as part of a league. Birthday parties are the specialty — for children or adults, or just about everyone. Company events take over all the lanes and encourage bonding. In fact, groups of six to one hundred can be accommodated.

When you are feeling a little hungry after spending your energy on the lanes, then you can go to the bar and grill for sandwiches, pizza, fish, and specials. St Croix has everything for a night of fulfillment.

17. Mraz Centre for Performing Arts

Performances of every kind allow us to find out about the world and to look at what is around us differently. Visiting Mraz, a performing arts theater linked to the Burnsville High School, gives you the opportunity to do all of this.

If you are looking for a mix of entertainment, education, and events, you are guaranteed to find one, or all, of them at Mraz. Take the chance to extend your range of cultural interaction and appreciate the talents around you.

The Next Corner

Burnsville Minnesota is a place of many talents and some hidden gems. When you are in the town, just look around the next corner and your new experience will await you, as you find fun things to do in Burnsville.

After discovering some great things to do in Burnsville, let us know about your adventures by leaving a comment below.