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13 Fun Things To Do In Columbia Heights, Minnesota

Enjoy a small-town feel within a bustling city while discovering the variety of fun things to do in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. From riverboat rides, outdoor parks and historic segway tours, to museums, the theater, and great eateries, this energetic and lively city awaits your exploration.

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Columbia Heights Minnesota and beyond, you’ve come to the perfect place. 

Learn how to create stained glass at one of the most creative things to do in Columbia Heights, Minnesota
Learn how to create stained glass at one of the most creative things to do in Columbia Heights, Minnesota

1. Craft Wood or Metal at MPLS Make 

MPLS Make prides itself on being the perfect place to craft beautiful works of art. 

This 8,500 square foot space is thoughtfully filled with state-of-the-art equipment, fantastic lighting, and 20-foot tall industrial ceilings that will inspire your creative side. 

They offer classes, such as the following: 

  • How to Weld
  • How to How to Stain and Cut Glass
  • How to Create Wood Cutting Board
  • How to Craft Scandinavian Knives
  • How to Make a Coffee Table
  • How to Craft with Black Walnut and Brass

Their facility also offers a Timesaver, Planer, Jointer, and a Sawmill. They also provide a variety of approximately fifty other tools, ranging from sanders to table saws to plunge routers, bandsaws, nail guns, heat guns, pipe clamps, dust collectors, and more. 

2. Play a Round or Two at Top Golf

Top Golf is an impressive venue with a high-tech golf driving range, lounge, bar, restaurant, and arcade. 

It features over one hundred climate-controlled golf hitting bays, a Topracer shot tracer, over 200 high definition flat-screen TVs, a rooftop terrace with a fire pit, and the space for private events and meeting rooms. 

3. Visit the Riverfront Regional Park

Spend the day enjoying the great outdoors with your family at Riverfront Regional Park. Riverfront Regional Park offers two small pavilions, the Riedel Farmhouse, and the opportunity to bike, boat, hike, play 13 disc golf and play on the playground. 

Open from five am to ten pm, and you can find a number of fun outdoor things to do in Columbia Heights to last the entire day.

4. Catch a Movie or a Play at the Heights Theatre

Arthur Gluek established this grand theatre in 1926 using his family’s Gluek Brewery coin for a prohibition real estate investment. The building was crafted in Beaux-Arts style and has survived several unbelievable catastrophes, including a bombing, three fires, “The Big Blow of 1949,” and also a tornado. In World War II, it was walled-up and empty. The founders temporarily sold it to two men in 1998, where new owners painted it a bright turquoise color. 

Today, you will find, the historic Heights Theatre has been completely restored and renovated to its original aesthetic and offers films, plays, events, musicals, and more.

5. Walk The Banks of Rum River

Enjoy a peaceful afternoon of fishing along the riverbank
Enjoy a peaceful afternoon of fishing along the riverbank

Rum River originates at Mille Lacs Lake in central Minnesota and ends at the mighty Mississippi in Anoka; it’s approximately 155 miles long. Mistaken French explorers gave this river this name. The native local Dakota tribesmen tried to explain that the river is a ‘spirit’ river; unfortunately, the explorers didn’t understand and only knew of was the ‘spirit’ Rum, and that is how French explorers gave the river its current name. 

This medium-sized river has several fish species present, including walleye, smallmouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and Northern Pike. Bring your fishing gear for a day of fishing or enjoy an afternoon hike along the Rum River.

6. Take a Stroll in Silverwood Park

Silverwood Park is a natural park that offers views of restored prairie areas, grasslands, mature oak savanna, and Silver Lake. 

Many people who visit do so to bike, boat, walk their dogs, hike, fish, stroll the gardens, geocache, paddle, picnic, or see the art sculptures. 

Regional artists and poets have adorned the trails with their artwork for everyone to see and enjoy. The Park includes an indoor and outdoor art gallery, education facilities, a cafe, a coffee shop, picnic areas, canoe rentals, kayak rentals, event space rentals, and an outdoor performance facility.

7. Explore the John H Stevens House Museum

The John Harrington Stevens House is the first house to be built on the western side of the mighty Mississippi in 1850. The owner built the home because its owner, John H Stevens, agreed to provide ferry services to the town and to Fort Snelling

Originally, the house was built where the modern-day post office sits; now, it can be found at 3320 10th Avenue S, Minneapolis, 55407.

8. Grab a Bite at the Village Pub

The Village Pub offers up American cuisine in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. All of their food is made from scratch, and their people are delightfully friendly. They serve beer and burgers, and a bocce ball. They even offer bocce ball leagues from late April until late October. 

9. Experience the One of a Kind Pedal Pub Twin Cities Tour

This party bike and tavern tour is the best-rated bar on wheels in Minneapolis. The bikes are the Original style of Dutch party bikes; they were handcrafted by gifted artisans in the Netherlands and then shipped to Minneapolis.

Each tour is two hours long and features two or three unique stops at the local establishments. 

The pilots are exceptionally friendly and full of energy and knowledge about the town. The tour is perfect for those on vacation but also for parties, birthdays, corporate outings, and even date nights. Come alone or book a private tour for your crew. 

10. Grab a Slice at Tasty Pizza Hangar 45 

Reviewers are absolutely raving about how delicious the pizza at Tasty Pizza Hangar 45 is. 

This is a family-owned and family-friendly business that initially opened in 1963. It features a unique World War II aviation theme throughout. It also offers fourteen TVs, three of which are massive 110” screens. 

Tasty Pizza Hangar 45 offers several events and specials, ranging from Happy Hour, to Bingo, to Texas Hold ‘Em games, to trivia night, to even a meat raffle for patrons. 

Hanger 45 is a bar that is included inside the restaurant, and it offers a variety of wines, beers, shots, whiskey, and more. Order online or eat in-restaurant; the choice is yours. If you love great pizza along with an awesome dining atmosphere, Tasty Pizza Hangar 45 should be at the top of your list of delicious things to do in Columbia Heights, Minnesota.

11. Go for a Boat Ride on the Padelford Riverboats Tour

Riverboat Paddles
Relax along the river

Captain William D. Bowell Sr. founded the Padelford Riverboat Co. in 1969. It initially operated out of Harriet Island Regional Park in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

This business now has an impressive fleet of three massive steamboats. 

They have: 

  • The Johnathon Padelford- an authentic 125-foot long sternwheeler that holds up to 140 people at a time. 
  • The Anson Northrup- a 92-foot long steamboat that was designed to fit under the very low bridges in Minneapolis. This boat can host up to 250 people at once. 
  • The Betsy Northrup- this private charter boat holds up to 250 people as well. It is open to the public every month of the year except for June, July, and August when it goes private. 

The business can combine the Anson and Betsy boats to create a huge vessel that can carry five hundred passengers. Guests can easily walk between the boats at their leisure. 

12. Go on an Adventure with Clear Water Outfitters Co. 

Clear Water Outfitters Co. is a specialty shop and outfitter. They have a shop, kayak fishing tours, kayak rentals, canoe rentals, and stand-up paddleboard rentals. They also offer classes and events, repairs, and more. 

13. Zip through the City on Segways with Human on a Stick Historical Segway Tours

Visitors and residents ride rented Segways across the Stone
 Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis
Feel the wind on your face as you ride rented Segways across the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis

The segways tours are a unique way to tour the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. They also offer tours of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. This is the very first segway tour company in the United States and has been in operation since its debut in 2004. 

Their tours are approximately three hours long and chock-full of amazing historical facts and sights over a six-mile jaunt. They offer guides, snacks, breaks, a soda fountain, and more.

Most Unique Things to Do in Columbia Heights?

If you are searching for a lively city full of awesome activities and rich in history, look no further. You will find a ton of fun things to do in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. After you have pedaled your way throughout the city, paddled along the great Mississippi River, and segwayed through local history, please share your most interesting discovery among the unique things to do in Columbia Heights.