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14 Great Things To Do In White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Can you imagine having the opportunity to literally taste the medieval period? Or to eat apples picked fresh from the tree? What about lazing on a pontoon, or learning to work with wood. All of these are experiences you can find while discovering the many great things to do in White Bear Lake.

Pick some fresh apples at one of the best things to do in White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Pick some fresh apples at one of the best things to do in White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Read on to find out about 14 top attractions in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

1. Pine Tree Apple Orchard

First, on our list of great things to do in White Bear Lake, Minnesota is a visit to Pine Tree Apple Orchard. Fancy some fresh apples? Or what about some strawberries, straight from the plant? Off you go to Pine Tree Apple Orchard and you can have both. Enjoy the experience of plucking fresh apples straight off the tree, or choosing and picking fresh strawberries. In fall, you can add pumpkins to your prizes, with pumpkin picking being part of the attractions. Another fall attraction at Pine Tree is the corn maze for old and young to explore and even to race each other to find the way out.

Pine Tree Apple Orchard stages special events, such as the Tennis Classic, and holds regular running events. Then there are the wagon rides you can go on. This is definitely far more than just an apple orchard.

2. White Bear Lake County Park

Have you ever thought of spending literally the whole day out and about in the open? White Bear Lake County Park opens half an hour before sunrise and closes half an hour after sunset, so this is the place to spend that time. Take a picnic and enjoy a leisurely meal (or two) at one of the picnic tables, then take a walk around the park. After this, you can spend the afternoon on the swimming beach, enjoying the sun and water. If you are nautically minded, take your boat and make use of the boat launch, so you can spend a day out on the water.

3. Margaux’s Table and Farm Store

Sometimes, you just have a craving for good, solid, healthy, organic food. Thankfully, White Bear Lake has Margaux’s Table and Farm Store, which is where you will get just that. All the vegetables are grown organically, the animal products are guaranteed organic and the meat is only sourced from humane facilities. The food is all gluten-free and you will come away from a visit to Margaux’s feeling healthier and full of the goodness of the earth.

4. Wahoo! Adventures

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Wahoo! You can just hear the clients whooping their fun. This adventure company specializes in kayak and bike tours and all the activities are based on and around water.

There are scheduled activities at Wahoo! Adventures, but you can also book a day or an excursion tailored to suit you. All gear and equipment needed is provided, so you really do just need to bring yourself. And your swimming gear, of course.

5. CreateSpace

Build your own wood items at one of the most creative things to do in White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Build your own wood items at one of the most creative things to do in White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Have you ever had the urge to channel your inner artist? Or find out if you could become a furniture designer? Imagine a facility where you could explore both of those ideas. Well, you don’t have to any longer, because CreateSpace is that place.

You will begin by learning to make wood signs and progress all the way to make your own items of furniture. CreateSpace also hosts events, which means it has a lot to offer both the regular visitor and the one-time guest.

6. Goodthings

Next on our list of great things to do in White Bear Lake is a visit to Goodthings. Goodthings is a specialty gift shop in White Bear Lake, where you can pick up a range of beautiful things from kids’ clothing, women’s fashion, items for the home, and everything you need for self-care. Shopping at Goodthings means you will take away with you the perfect souvenir from White Bear Lake.

7. Bald Eagle Boat Rental and Live Bait

Fishing, swimming, lazing in the shade, bobbing on the water, or cruising quietly along on a picturesque, calm lake. Surely that sounds like the perfect way to spend a day? Bald Eagle Boat Rental rents out pontoons that are suited for cruising and fishing. In fact, each pontoon is equipped with all the fixtures needed for fishing. You pretty much only need to bring your pole. And be ready to take a leap into the water and cool off, then climb back onto the shaded pontoon via the swimming ladder. All safety equipment is provided with the rental.

8. Admiral D’s Waterfront Tavern

What a catchy name ‘Admiral D’s’ is. Who was the admiral? What does the D stand for? There is surely an interesting story waiting to be told. There are two parts to Admiral D’s: the lakeside tavern, where you can enjoy your meal while looking out over the beauty of White Bear Lake; and the boat that is a floating events venue, cruising the expanse of the lake while you party away. Book your private event on the boat and enjoy exclusivity and an occasion everyone will surely remember fondly.

9. Gateway State Trail

The Gateway State Trail is the absolutely perfect place for anyone and everyone of all stages, ages, and abilities to get out and about and make the most of the wonderful scenery. The trail is mostly flat, with very few challenging areas that give you 8 miles of some of the most scenic countryside in the county. Some areas of the trail can also accommodate horses, so you can walk or ride this trail that follows the corridor of a former railroad.

10. Hardwood Creek Regional Trail

When you visit Hardwood Creek Regional Trail, you get two for the price of one, as the route is actually two trails that run parallel for ten miles. The surface is asphalt and grass, which means that you can walk it easily, or run in comfort. The trail is also popular for bikes and those with inline skates. It runs along a former railroad corridor, which gives you a well-constructed route to follow.

11. Washington Square Bar and Grill

electric guitar
Enjoy live music during your evening out at one of the best things to do in White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Washington Bar and Grill is the place for the neighborhood to come together. Friends and neighbors regularly gather here in a friendly atmosphere to enjoy a good meal, in all seasons. For summer, the outdoor patios are where you will want to be, with a drink in your hand, a friend by your side, tasty food on your plate, and the breeze blowing around you.

In winter, the inside dining room with its fireplace is where you and your friends can gather for some good company and good food.

All the food at Washington Square is always tasty, but what sets it apart and keeps the menu exciting are the daily specials and seasonal dishes. Topping off your experience at Washington Square is the live music to keep you company as you spend the evening with friends and neighbors.

12. Brickhouse Food and Drink

Brickhouse is a family-owned eatery in White Bear Lake, where all the food is handcrafted and made from scratch, using fresh ingredients that are sourced locally. The building that houses Brickhouse was built in 1886 and housed a meat market. After years of other businesses being located in the building, it has basically come full circle, back to the food industry.

The Brickhouse family pride themselves on providing comfort food that has an appeal for everyone in every mood. It truly feels as though this is home when you visit Brickhouse.

13. White Bear Meadery

Mead is the drink we all associate with the Medieval period. It was enjoyed by kings and knights – and by damsels in distress. The past never seems to stay in the past, though, and mead is fast becoming the drink of popular choice. At White Bear Meadery, you will be able to experience the taste and charm of this classic drink in the tasting room. There is not only one mead so expect a variety of flavors.

The basic ingredient in mead is honey, which the Meadery only sources locally. It is the different types of honey that produce different tastes. Locally sourced berries are also used in the process. Alongside producing mead, White Bear Meadery educates visitors about the different types of honey.

14. Charles P. Noyes Cottage

Last, but not least on our list of great things to do in White Bear Lake, takes a trip back in time. The Charles P. Noyes Cottage is a historical building that was the summer home of a prominent White Bear Lake resident, Charles Noyes. It was built in the late 19th century and is now listed on the historical register. The cottage is also known as Fillebrown House because it was bought as a residence by the Fillebrown family. The home is an example of what is known as American Picturesque architecture and is open for tours. You will also be able to visit the cottage for one of the special events staged there.

Sunrise on White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Enjoy a beautiful sunrise on White Bear Lake

Explore the Great Things to Do in White Bear Lake

White Bear Lake is not just another town in Minnesota, it is its own special place. The sense of history in the town, mixed with good food, socializing, and the opportunity to spend time on the water. That is what White Bear Lake offers, and it is yours to explore.

If you’re thinking about a trip to White Bear Lake, leave a comment to let us know which attraction on our list of great things to do in White Bear Lake, piques your interest?