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The 11 Best RV Campgrounds in Minnesota

Finding the right RV campground can be a bit of a challenge, but that’s where our list of the best RV campgrounds in Minnesota comes in. We’ve explored the campsites that the State of 10,000 Lakes has to offer and we’re here to show you the best of the best. 

Our list covers everything from the best RV campgrounds for families all the way to some options designed for a more rugged adventure. It’s time to hit the road on our list of best RV campgrounds in Minnesota.

RV and picnic table by lake
Get lost in relaxation at one of the best RV campgrounds in Minnesota.

1. St Cloud Clearwater RV Park

St Cloud Clearwater RV park is the quintessential experience for people looking to take their RV out for a vacation.

This RV park offers more than just a place to pump the brakes for a while. These sites offer pull-through service for RVs of all sizes, 30 and 50 amp connections, and a dump site that is free for guests to use.

Once you park your RV, you’ll be able to have unlimited fun at St Cloud Clearwater RV park. One of the best ways to make the most of the best RV campgrounds in Minnesota is to look at their events calendar. This RV park is always throwing new events whether it’s Mother’s Day or a weekend full of adventure.

This RV site comes with a pool, a park, and tons of outdoor activities ranging from biking to golf. 

2. Town & Country RV Park and Campground

Town & Country is one of the best RV campgrounds in Minnesota for families.

This campground features over 80 campsites that are ready for RVs of all sizes. They also have a communal fire that they light every weekend which brings these families together. Nothing beats watching the kids make new friends on your family vacation.

This campground is also located in a prime area of Minnesota. You’ll be a stone’s throw from the Mall of America, local zoos, and countless other attractions. If you need to get out of the weather, this campground also features a game room that is fully equipped.

Town & Country also contains all of the amenities that you would expect from an RV park. You’ll be able to find a recently updated laundry service and a saltwater system pool for you and the family. 

3. Dakotah Meadows RV Park

Dakota Meadows is an RV park that is ready to offer something for everyone.

Dakota Meadows provides RV owners with a self-service fuel station, a self-service washing station, as well as over 100 pull-through and back-in-paved parking locations. You can trust that you’ll be able to take top care of your RV while you’re at Dakota Meadows.

Looking for one of the best RV campgrounds in Minnesota with a versatile location? Dakota Meadows has got it covered. Here, you are located just outside of the Twin Cities which means you’ll be able to have access to one of Minnesota’s most thriving environments. If city living isn’t your thing, you’re also located next to plenty of natural getaways.

No matter what kind of excitement your family is looking for, Dakota Meadows positions you to be able to enjoy just about anything. 

Hikers on nature trail
Breathe in the fresh air while hiking a scenic nature trail at one of the best RV campgrounds in Minnesota.

4. Wildwood RV Park & Campground

Wildwood RV Park & Campground offers your family everything you’re going to need to make the most of your RV trip. Whether you’re a seasoned RV road warrior or this is your first time taking your vehicle out for a vacation, Wildwood RV Park & Campground is a great choice from our list of the best RV campgrounds in Minnesota.

Let’s start with what they offer for RVs themselves. They offer pull-through sites that are equipped with Wi-Fi as well as electricity, sewage, and other essential RV services. Their facilities also have showers and flush toilets so you can take a break from your RVs resources.

Now let’s talk about fun. This site features a nature trail as well as a heated pool. There is also a basketball court and other sports equipment that your family can enjoy including mini-golf. Wildwood RV Park & Campground also operates a shuttle service that can get your family to and from local attractions. 

5. Minneapolis Northwest KOA Journey

Number 5 on our list of best RV campgrounds in Minnesota offers a classic experience that feels a little lost to time. If you’re looking to enjoy the RV campground of yesteryear complete with its nostalgic joy, this is the RV park for you.

When you arrive at this RV park you’ll be able to notice a change of pace immediately. The staff is relaxed and Incredibly friendly and ready to help you enjoy your vacation. Whether you are looking to spend some time in the pool or you want to enjoy their mini-golf course, there’s something for everyone at this RV park.

Maple Grove, Minnesota is also located around countless attractions and other amenities. You’ll be able to get out there in the community whether you’re looking for some fine dining or just a day out with the family. 

6. Royal Oaks RV Park

Sometimes the best RV campgrounds in Minnesota aren’t necessarily the most expensive. When you go out on a vacation with your RV, nothing beats enjoying that down-home country experience.

Royal Oaks RV Park is a small campground that is family-owned. You won’t find several hundred other RVs at this facility. It’s a smaller experience that provides a country charm that larger RV facilities miss out on.

You won’t have to trade amenities to enjoy the rustic charm of Royal Oaks. This facility has a fully functioning shower house as well as a laundry room. They’re centrally located near the Itasca State Park as well as local conveniences such as a grocery store.

If you’ve been enjoying RV vacations for years, you really should try Royal Oaks. There’s something about staying at a charming and small RV park that just can’t be replicated by those sprawling RV facilities. 

7. Stony Point Resort & Campground

Let’s talk about an RV campground that has it all. Stony Point Resort & Campground is an ideal place to park your RV when you bring the entire family, and the dog, with you.

This RV campground is fully equipped to support your RV. They offer pull-through sites, 50 amp power, and a sanitary dump station. They also offer a central house, laundry services, and a variety of other RV vacation essentials. You can trust that your stay at Stony Point Resort & Campground is going to fully support your RV lifestyle.

Stony Point Resort & Campground is also located just outside of downtown Cass Lake. The entire city is based around outdoor living and you can find plenty of rustic activities to do in the area. This is also a great campground to bring the entire family. This is a dog-friendly site and features plenty of happy pups playing around.

White Dog playing with pink ball
Your four-legged friends will love it here, at one of the best RV campgrounds in Minnesota.

The big draw is the lake itself and you’ll be able to rent a variety of watercraft and enjoy everything that you would expect from a lakeside resort and one of the best RV campgrounds in Minnesota.

8. Kiesler’s Campground & RV Resort

This RV campground is exactly where you should bring your family. This resort is legendary in the local community for the fun entertainment that it offers families from across the country. Whether you are looking to stay for a few days or an entire season, this campground can support your RV for as long as you’d like.

This campground offers some activities that you won’t find anywhere else. Yes, they have your camping essentials such as fishing out on the lake and enjoying nature hikes, but they also have some activities that are going to blow you out of the water.

They have nightly DJs as well as dance sessions that are family-friendly. They also have an RC car race track outside that’s something that the family can’t experience anywhere else. They have a 2000 square foot heated pool as well as an extra-large playground for the kids.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. They offer regular family events that your group is free to join in. The best way to understand what this campground has to offer is to try it out for yourself!

9. Mississippi Riverwood RV Park

The Mississippi Riverwood RV Park is located just outside of the Twin Cities. This RV park is something a little bit different from the other entries on our list.

The Mississippi Riverwood RV Park is owned by an association of its members. They each individually rent out their RV parking spots for periods of no less than 30 days. This is an ideal RV Park for seniors as well as older adults who are looking to have a more relaxing experience with their families. 

There are plenty of activities to enjoy at the Mississippi Riverwood RV Park. You’ll be able to enjoy community activities as well as solo adventures in this natural wonderland. This RV campsite has some rules and regulations in place that you should check out on their website before booking your stay. 

At this best RV campground in Minnesota, you can also catch public transportation to the Twin Cities. This is a great way to get out of the campsite and go on an adventure in Minnesota’s most thriving urban environment.

10. Autumnwoods RV Park

Autumnwoods RV park is an interesting choice.

This RV park is down to the essentials. You’ll find over 90 parking locations at this RV campground. All of the essential RV facilities are in place such as a laundry room as well as individual shower rooms. The Autumnwoods RV park is also located a stone’s throw away from the Mayo Clinic and is an ideal option for individuals looking to stay at an RV park while they attend treatment at the clinic.

Autumnwoods RV park is a great option for individuals who want a basic RV experience that allows them to explore and use this as a central base. Your family can enjoy a relaxing environment at the Autumnwoods RV park that feels a little bit more like home than it does a busy park.

If you’re looking for something a little relaxing that you can use as a home away from home, Autumn Woods RV park is for you. 

11. Highview Campground & RV Park

Last on our list of best RV campgrounds in Minnesota, but not least is Highview Campground & RV Park. Highview is located a bit further north than some of the entries on this list. This places it in a scenic forest environment as well as near the Paul Bunyan Scenic Byway. 

You’ll be able to enjoy the lake, fishing, and tons of outdoor activities that make this feel more like roughing it outdoors than camping in your RV. 

Where Does Your Next RV Adventure Take You? 

RVs are a classic slice of Americana that are more than just camping vehicles. They are a way to get your family to bond together and to create memories that are going to last a lifetime.

What do you look for in an RV campground? Are you looking for a rustic experience that has you getting away from city life or do you want to be on the edge of excitement? One of the best RV campgrounds in Minnesota can offer you the experience you’re looking for.

Have you visited an RV campground you feel should be added to our list of best RV campgrounds in Minnesota?. If so, please contact us and share your experiences.

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