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The Lowell Inn Stillwater, MN: review

Recently, I attended my cousin’s wedding in Stillwater MN. The couple rented the beautiful garden room from The Lowell Inn for the day. My husband and I were happy to take a couple days off from the kids and stay overnight at the The Lowell Inn. Ryan had to arrive a little late because the wedding was on a Wednesday afternoon and like most people he had to work. I was lucky to catch a ride from my parents to Stillwater. Just the drive itself is stunning (even in the winter). I love the trees that hold a bit of snow on the branches. The only thing I don’t like about winter is the freezing cold air. We don’t get to go to many weddings in the winter time because it is so cold, but that didn’t stop this bride and groom.

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wedding stillwater garden room

I have never been to The Lowell Inn before. I have however, enjoyed day trips to Stillwater, MN. It is located right along the St. Croix River. It is boasting with mini unique shops on Main Street. In the summer you can tour the area on a trolley ride or relax on the river on a cruise boat.

The Lowell Inn is conveniently located in Downtown Stillwater. I was impressed with the exterior of the building. It was built in 1927. With that being said you can feel the rich history this Inn has right when you enter through the front door.

Main street Inn Lowell Stillwater mn St. Croix hotel

The lobby reminds you of the time period when Stillwater was known for hosting a wide range of people involved in the lumber trade. I felt as though I was stepping back into the early 1900s.

1920s lobby hotel inn stillwater mn

There is an article clipping in the lobby area that features Mrs. Laura Bush discussing her visit to The George Washington Room which is the restaurant within The Lowell Inn. The aroma from the restaurant was amazing. If you get a chance to visit Stillwater and you are looking for a place to enjoy fine dining their food is very good.

Stillwater places to eat mn diningroom

However, if you are searching for a place to kick back and enjoy a cold brew they also have accommodations for you in The Matterhorn Dining Room. It reminded me of a pub you would find tucked in a small village somewhere in Europe.

Swiss Bar The Matterhorn Dining Room  in the Lowell inn mn

On the other hand, if you are in need of a more intimate space The Lowell Inn can also provide you with that, too. The Mount Vernon Room can hold up to 20 guests. It use to be the gift shop, but in all honesty if I were planning on shopping (which Stillwater is about shopping) I wouldn’t be spending money at the gift shop at the Inn. The competition is fierce and I am guessing the gift shop was losing. The Mount Vernon Room is much better use of space now as another dining/meeting room.

dining rental space stillwater mn

Overall, the main areas of the Inn are eye catching. You would not be disappointed if you choose to host any sort of gathering at the historical Lowell Inn in Stillwater. In fact, my very own cousin’s Husband to be treated her to supper in the George Washington Room and after their evening of dining he asked her if she would like to become husband and wife right there at the Inn in the Garden Room. This place now holds a special place in each of their hearts.

fancy old hotel inn stillwater mn

As you can see there are many antique items throughout the Inn giving you the complete atmosphere of the late 1920s era.

1900 stained glass window mn

I could have spent a whole afternoon reading a book and sipping on a cup of coffee by the grand fireplace. However, I had a wedding to get ready for. The owner of the Inn was kind enough to have a housekeeper show me around. The staff is super friendly, everyone was wearing a smile.

lobby area with fireplace main street mn

I thought it would be so nice to sit on the newly remodeled patio area, once again it is winter. Hopefully, I will make it back to the Lowell Inn this summer. If I do I will make a point to stop by for a ice cold glass of lemon-aid.

Outdoor patio design ideas stillwater mn dining

 I was surprised each room was designed differently. The newer side of the Inn has a more modern style bedroom for guests.

cheap hotel inn stillwater mn modern style

The modern rooms have nice updated bathrooms along with flat screen tvs to make your stay feel more like the 20th century. Modern is not my style at all; I am more cozy country through and through. Which you will find in the original section of the Inn. The  Standard rooms are designed with the 1920s era in mind. Note that every room in the older section is decorated differently.

weekend getaway stillwater mn hotel inn

 The Deluxe Suites feature more square feet than the standard rooms. I would say it is worth the touch extra in currency to upgrade to the Deluxe the room flows better.

review hotel inn stillwater mn

I was excited to get out of the house and enjoy time with my husband. The room I really wanted to stay in was rented out for that night, but at least I was able to take a peek inside. The real interesting part about this room is the location of the toilet. In the photo below you can see this boxed in area with the curtains pulled back… step up and inside there is the throne.

b&b style inn hotel stillwater mn main street

We were able to stay the night in another Jacuzzi Room very similar to the one above. I thought the dark colors made the room very dark, but I liked the odd curtained bathroom so much I had to stay there. Our bed was a queen and it was very firm. Way more firm than I like to sleep on, however my other family members who stayed overnight said they had soft to medium and firm as well. I suggest you talk with the reservation personal about your style of mattress you prefer before booking your room. Here is our room…

romantic getaway  Jacuzzi rooms mn

They also have a Honeymoon Suite and a Penthouse Suite if you are looking for a large, but still intimate room. These rooms also are decorated close to the time period of the whole Inn.

The Lowell Inn is a wonderful choice for those who are looking for a unique place to stay while visiting Stillwater, MN. My husband and I truly had a pleasant time during our stay.

1900 b&b inn main street stillwater mn st croix lowell

Thank you to the owners for hosting my husband and me during my cousin’s wedding. The meal that was served was fantastic. The Inn had many areas to take beautiful photos of the couple. It all turned out just gorgeous!

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Isabelle Zamar

Saturday 22nd of August 2015

We are from Minneapolis , My friends and I decided to treat Margaret on her 83rd Birthday @ Lowell Inn. We haven't been here before. August 22, 2015 @ 1:30 pm was our reservation for 4; The main dining room is beautiful and historically decorated, nice set up, there are only 4 tables occupied that time. The waitress Kathy was training a new waitress that day. We had a good service ,Kathy was friendly, accommodating and always checking if we need something. The food taste excellent , thank you" Chef" that day. We all liked the place No regrets! We took pictures to show it to our friends @ Grace Church , about Lowell Inn Thank you staff!!!