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Discover 17 Awesome Things to Do in Ham Lake, Minnesota

Beautiful wildlife, great food, outdoor adventures, athletic sports, and more. That’s what you’ll find when you set out to discover the awesome things to do in Ham Lake, Minnesota. Grab your binoculars and camera for some birdwatching, take an afternoon excursion to a winery, relax with the kids at an afternoon picnic, or play all day in a water park. Let’s continue to explore all of the awesome things to do in Ham Lake.

Boy on water slide
Have a splashing good time at one of the awesome things to do in Ham Lake, Minnesota

1. Ham Lake Park

If you’ve never played disc golf, in fact, if you’ve ever played disc golf, then you just have to visit Ham Lake Park and play their 18-hole course. Bring your boat and take advantage of the boat launch to get onto the lake for some fun and fishing. Or you can just fish from the fishing pier. If the water is not your scene, then you can go for a walk along any of the trails, or enjoy a picnic in the shelter of one of the pavilions. For the kids, there is a lovely playground to explore.

2. Willow Tree Winery

Wine tasting at one of the most refreshing things to do in Ham Lake, Minnesota
Wine tasting at one of the most refreshing things to do in Ham Lake, Minnesota

Willow Tree Winery is a boutique winery and vineyard that makes you feel right at home. Since 2003, Willow Tree has been owned and run by the Szurek family and friends they have made along the way. Take a trip to the winery and come away with a friend.

3. Ham Lake Lanes

Then there is the chance for the whole family to have fun bowling at Ham Lake Lanes. Recreational bowling is the backbone of the facility, but there is also the opportunity for league bowling. For a snack during the game or a meal when you are finished, visit the concessions. When it comes to birthdays, you can party at Ham Lake Lanes.

4. Bunker Hills Regional Park

There are parks with some family-friendly facilities, then there are PARKS, with more than you and the family can possibly do in a day. Or even two. Bunker Hills Regional Park is that park. Among the many features, you will find at the park are camping, disc golf, archery

If you are hosting a conference or workshop, then one of the meeting rooms will suit you. There are also pavilions available for an informal get-together.

5. Bunker Beach Water Park

During the long, hot summer, what do you do on those days when you just need to cool down? Visit the biggest water park in Minnesota, of course. Bunker Beach Water Park. Swim in the main pool and enjoy the sensation of riding the waves, possibly bobbing on a tube. Zip down one of the water slides, or simply enjoy the lazy river. There is a zero-depth entry pool with a maximum depth of two feet (60 cm) for the youngsters when they are not playing in the sand play area. When you feel hungry from expending all that energy, head for the concession area to stock up for the next round.

6. Bunker Park Stables

If you are just interested in horses or see yourself as a cow handler in your dreams, then visit Bunker Park Stables for some equine fun. You can take horseback riding lessons and learn a new skill, or you can take your existing skills on a horse to a new level. If you are interested in lessons but also want to ride, there are plenty of options for trail riding and pony rides for the kids. Then, of course, there is the hayride to bring it all to a lovely end.

7. Carlos Avery State Wildlife Management Area

Blue Jay in the snow
The Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area is a perfect place for bird watching

Running just about all the way down the east of Ham Lake is the Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area: over 23,000 acres of nature in its rawest form. Two-thirds of the area is made up of wetland which is home to a variety of waterfowl. The whole area, including the 20 lakes, is specifically managed to create a natural habitat for the birds. You will understand why this is a very popular area for birdwatching.

Hunting is allowed in areas of the Wildlife Management Area. The management of the park works with Capable Partners to make sure that hunting is available for everyone. There are 18 blinds available during the turkey and deer hunting seasons, all of which are wheelchair accessible.

8. Coon Lake County Park

Coon Lake County Park covers 125 acres and is easily accessible from the city. You will easily find your own space in the park to have some quiet time out in nature. If you visit the park with your family, there are plenty of facilities to have some fun. You can go canoeing on the lake, or swim if that is more your style. The kids will appreciate the playground and the whole family can play volleyball on the court. There is a public boat launch, from which you can set out on a fishing adventure. Look out for some great bass in the lake.

9. Coon Lake Park Beach

Along the banks of Coon Lake, you’ll find the lovely Coon Lake Park Beach, where you can relax and enjoy the sun. It is also the perfect access to the water for some swimming fun. Pack a picnic and enjoy a whole day out near and in the lake.

10. The 46th Hole

The best attraction at the 46th Hole is the food, which is attractively presented, served in good-sized portions, and very tasty. The atmosphere is welcoming and the service is good. Enjoy special events like bar bingo on a Saturday.

11. Dairy Queen Chill and Grill

Feeling peckish? Then stop by the Dairy Queen Chill and Grill for a quick lunch that won’t cost you too much. Look out for the $5 lunch and the daily specials. After your meal, there is always a range of desserts to choose from.

12. SnoCatz Cage

If softball is your kids’ game, then you should take the time to check out the SnoCatz Cage. It’s a non-profit organization that aims to help them develop their softball skills. The kids are taught the basics of softball and then these are honed to help them emerge as competent softball players.

13. Ham Lake Lion’s Park Complex

It is not only the kids and their sports that are catered for in Ham Lake. It is the adults turn at Ham Lake Lion’s Park Complex, where you will find four softball fields and two modified fields for women.

14. Birchbury Farm

A sunny afternoon horseback ride at one of the best things to do in Ham Lake, Minnesota
A sunny afternoon horseback ride at one of the best things to do in Ham Lake, Minnesota

Birchbury Farm is the perfect home for horseback riding in Ham Lakes. They offer boarding for all types of horses, as well as lessons and participation in all the disciplines of riding. Birchbury features an indoor arena, as well as dedicated arenas for dressage, barrel riding, and jumping. There is also a cross-country course. If you don’t want to participate in any specific discipline, you can take a more chilled trail ride.

 15. The Lab Athletic

The Lab Athletic is a gym for players of all sports. The trainers aim to give the athletes’ the equipment and input to develop their skills and build on their love for the games they play. The trainers focus on helping the individual athletes understand that they can be the very best they can be and helping them achieve that.

16. Ham Lake Resort

For any break, either long or short, Ham Lake Resort is the place you are looking for. Bring your RV if you and set yourself up in one of the sites, most of which are set at 50 amps. Bring the whole family to have fun picnicking and exploring the park, then fishing and swimming in the lake. Bring your dog and make use of the dog run. Bring your curiosity and meet the goats, llamas, and donkeys.

17. Pinger’s Plaza Park

The land on which Pinger’s Plaza Park stands was donated to Ham Lakes by Ralph James Pinger, a WWII vet. His hope was for families to enjoy the park and they certainly can. It’s a great place to take the kids for a day out. They can enjoy the playground with the tunnel and slide on the jungle gym and also have a game of ball on the ball field.

Begin Your Discovery

If you are looking for fun things to do in Ham Lake, then begin your discoveries by visiting a park, playing some bowls, having a relaxing day on the beach, and going horseback riding. Then you can begin again, with a whole new range of attractions that will keep you and the family busy.

If you’ve discovered another great thing to do in Ham Lake that you’d like to suggest for our list, please let us know by leaving a comment.