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9 Fun Things to Do in Hermantown, Minnesota, and Nearby

Can we interest you in a quaint, peaceful small-town in Minnesota we feel belongs on your travel list? Whether you’re an adventurer, prefer relaxing on vacation, or a local looking for something new to try, in Hermantown you’ll find something for everyone!

aerial lift bridge a night
Check out the beautiful and unique Aerial Lift Bridge nearby

Discover the surrounding city sites during a helicopter tour, enjoy more grounded activities like strolling along an aerial lift bridge, or maybe instead enjoy a calm day exploring the colorful gardens located along beautiful walking trails! With small-town charm and unique attractions nearby, Hermantown is the best of both worlds.

Let’s explore 9 of the fun things to do in Hermantown, Minnesota, and its surrounding area.

1. The Aerial Lift Bridge

First on our list of fun things to do in Hermantown and nearby, you will find the Aerial Lift Bridge laid across the Duluth Ship Canal on your visit. In history, residents who lived on the new island had an issue; they could not cross to the other side. So the Aerial Lift bridge was created to solve a problem to diminish the divide!

Before the bridge was built, the weather always complicated transportation attempts. For example, the town tried using ferry boats, but these became problematic due to ice in the winter. Another attempt to fix the issue was a footbridge, but it was too unsafe and rickety. It was then that the Aerial Lift Bridge was born!

Today still, the Aerial Lift bridge, located in Downtown Duluth, is a well-known monument very close to Hermantown, Minnesota.

During the day, you can take a walk on the waterfront and enjoy the scenery. However, this bridge is a must-see after sunset as the attached lights illuminate the night sky; it’s so gorgeous!

2. The Skyline Parkway

Next, The Skyline Parkway is another stunning scenic way to look over the Downtown.

Duluth’s Scenic Byway stretches over 25 miles long and reaches from Spirit Mountain to Seven Bridges Road.

This Skyline Parkway is an excellent way for you to experience panoramic views of the city during any time of the year, but Fall will offer you the prettiest scenes of the season with all the fall foliage!

3. Hermantown Hockey

Young smiling woman with skates on the ice rink
Dust off those skates for one of the chilliest things to do in Hermantown, Minnesota

Do you enjoy attending hockey games or watching power skating? Maybe you even have an interest in taking lessons, joining a local hockey team, signing up for tournaments, or need to brush up on your player and goalie development?

Check out this local ice arena, Hermantown Hockey, for fun on the ice! Make sure to watch their calendar for upcoming events to attend.

Are you a Hockey Player? Then, you can play a hockey game on one of their rinks specifically created for hockey games. During your visit, if you’d like to experience some ice skating, dust off your ice skates and skate along one of the four well-maintained outdoor ice rinks with your family and friends.

4. The Enger Park Tower

Next on our list of fun things to do in Hermantown and its surrounding area is to visit Enger Park!

At Enger Park, you’ll see extensive, beautiful gardens filled with hundreds of colorful plants, flowers, and hostas! The scene of plants and flowers continues scattered throughout the gorgeous walking trails!

The gardens at Enger Park are a famous sight to see and make the perfect location to plan a picnic at these Duluthians’ favorite picnic spots!

In addition, located in the beautiful Enger Park, you will find the Enger Park Tower, an impressive 80-foot high tower dedicated in 1939 to this area by Crown Prince Olav and Crown Princess Martha of Norway.

5. Lake Superior Helicopter Tours

Do you live for adventure? Then, if you’d like to view all the surroundings from up high, you can experience a helicopter tour by Lake Superior Helicopters!

In a Lake Superior Helicopter, you will fly for 15 miles over the scenic views of Duluth and Superior Harbor.

You will also enjoy the views of the Enger Tower and Aerial Lift Bridge during your tour! These tours are a great first-time experience for anyone new to helicopter tours!

6. The Superior Hiking Trails

Enjoy a sunny day of hiking; one of the fun things to do in Hermantown
Enjoy a sunny day of hiking; one of the fun things to do in Hermantown

Do you enjoy hiking? These trails are for you as they run along the edge of the gorgeous Enger Park Gardens!

The Superior Hiking Trails cross the ridge above Skyline Drive, where you will walk along and explore the highly scenic areas located along these trails.

You can expect to see a wide variety of colors and different flowers and plants during your long hike!

7. North Shore Scenic Railroad

Next, if you choose to visit North Shore Scenic railroads, you can expect to take a scenic train ride that takes you into Duluth City!

These train rides can additionally turn into elegant train excursions if you wish! At North Shore Scenic Railroad, they offer several different themed train rides!

If you’d like to learn more in-depth facts and history of the railroad, make sure to spend a few hours at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum!

To book a ride or plan a train excursion during your visit to Hermantown, visit their site and find out more!

8. Split Rock Lighthouse

On your visit to Hermantown, make sure to explore all the beautiful state parks and additional trails which will offer you different types of activities depending on the season!

Located near one of these state parks, you will find The Split Rock Lighthouse, an elegant location you’re sure to enjoy! Here at Split Rock Lighthouse, you can tour an actual working lighthouse!

Surrounding the lighthouse, they offer tours of the historic on-site buildings, and don’t forget to make your way to their Visitor’s Center!

9. Maya Family Mexican Restaurant — Authentic Mexican Food

Lastly, suppose you’re starving now after all your adventures in and around Hermantown. We recommend checking out the Maya Family Mexican Restaurant in Hermantown! You will not be disappointed with a deliciously served lunch or dinner at this restaurant!

Come check out this restaurant’s new, revised, and delicious authentic Mexican menu! Maya Family Mexican Restaurant maintains a colorful and clean restaurant said by locals to be one of the best restaurants in the area!

Check out their fabulous new menu here, and read more stellar reviews from past customers that love this authentic Mexican restaurant!

Savor all of your Mexican food favorites at one of the most delicious things to do in Hermantown, Minnesota
Savor all of your Mexican food favorites at one of the most delicious things to do in Hermantown, Minnesota

Wrapping Up Fun Things to Do in Hermantown

After reading through this list, you now know why you need to visit and explore this small town of Hermantown and experience the adventures surrounding it! You’ll be sure to find something for each one of your family members to enjoy!

What are your favorite stops in and around this little town? Do you have any other favorites we should know about? Comment below and let us know!