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14 Fun Things To Do In Rogers, Minnesota

Rogers, Minnesota is packed with fun things to do for the entire family, especially if you love outdoor activities! There is no shortage of parks, campgrounds, and beautiful sights to keep you entertained for weeks. Stop by the Franconia Sculpture Park for a one-of-a-kind experience or visit the nearby Swan Park to view hundreds of once-endangered swans. Whether you’re making a big move or visiting for a weekend, you don’t want to miss out on the many fun things to do in Rogers, Minnesota, and its surrounding area.

campfire and tent in woods
Don’t forget to pack those marshmallows for a peaceful camping night in a campground

1. Lake Minnetonka

First, on our list of fun things to do in Rogers, Minnesota involves a short drive to Lake Minnetonka. Lake Minnetonka is one of the coolest nearby attractions, making it a must-visit for nature lovers. Lake Minnetonka is the largest lake in the area. Over 14,000 acres of water and 16 connecting lakes make up this one body of water.

The area is plush with activities from jet skiing to restaurants of every kind. Whether you’re looking for a snack bar-styled restaurant or want to hang out at a pool table with your friends, you can find it for a reasonable price along the shores of this lake.

The largemouth bass population is one of the reasons why this lake is so popular among anglers. Yearly tournaments consistently bring in anglers from all over the state to compete. An art show held during the summer is one of the hottest tourist attractions in the area. There is an abundance of beautiful wildlife and gorgeous homes to leave you in awe as you float along the lake.

2. Crow-Hassan Park Reserve

Situated along the Crow River, the Crow-Hassan Park Reserve offers unparalleled beauty. Waterfalls, beautiful gardens, and perfectly preserved prairies offer endless photo opportunities as you hike along the heavenly trails at this nature reserve.

The natural beauty provides the perfect background for picnics with the entire family. Acres of park land ensure that you can get lost for a day simply enjoying one of the most popular outdoor parks of the area.

3. Elm Creek Park Reserve

Elm Creek Park Reserve is one of the largest parks in the Twin Cities area, and it’s packed with amenities for the entire family to enjoy! Bring the pets along to enjoy the off-leash area or take them with you on one of the many hiking trails.

Spend the weekend on the campgrounds with the entire family for some extra fun! The kids will love exploring the history of the area, competing with one another in archery, and biking down the trails. Pack up the family to head away from the cabin for a peaceful picnic followed by horseback riding. Then, learn how to play disc golf!

The fun doesn’t stop when winter hits. As the snow falls, a winter recreational area opens to allow plenty of room for winter fun. Head down the slopes on your new pair of skis or enjoy snow tubing. Dog sledding, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and snowmobiles are also allowed.

4. Franconia Sculpture Park

Franconia Sculpture Park Prisms that collect light at dusk
Franconia Sculpture Park Prisms that collect light at dusk

Franconia Sculpture Park is located an hour outside of Rogers in Shafer, MN, but it’s well worth the drive. Over 50 acres of outdoor art exhibits will keep you and your family fascinated for at least one day. Wander along the winding trails as one marvel after another amazes you. Pause at a picnic area to enjoy lunch while the kids climb on nearby sculptures that are also designed to be play areas. Traditional outdoor parks can’t hold a candle to being able to climb on top of massive works of art.

5. Swan Park

Swan Park is located in Monticello, a city that is quickly becoming known as Swan City. Stop by in December-February to view over 1000 Trumpeter Swans. It’s important to make sure that you stop by during public viewing hours when the park is open to the public. Visitors are not permitted on the grounds outside of those viewing hours.

6. Bunker Beach Water Park

Girls in water tubes
Have a splashing good time at one of the fun things to do in Rogers, Minnesota

Planning a trip to Minnesota during the hot summer months simply isn’t complete without a visit to nearby Bunker Beach Water Park. This water park is open every year from June until the early days of September. Small children can splash away the heat in the lagoon, which has a maximum depth of one foot. The heated wave pool provides relaxation and fun for everyone in the family. Wade into the deeper end to enjoy swimming or rent a tube to relax for the afternoon.

7. Arbor Lakes

The shops at Arbor Lakes create a unique experience for everyone, making them a necessary addition to your list when visiting Minnesota. You’ll find a little bit of everything that you want while shopping, from the perfect gift to gorgeous home decor. Stop by for a workout at Planet Fitness, or enjoy lunch with a friend. You’ll find cuisine from Thai to traditional American meals and everything in between.

8. Ann Lake Campground

Ann Lake Campground is the perfect place to be if you enjoy primitive camping. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the Twin Cities to get in touch with nature. Make sure that you bring everything you need to either practice your survival skills or kick back for the weekend with the family under the stars.

9. Emagine Rogers

Next on our list of great things to do in Rogers is an outing to Emagine Rogers. Emagine Rogers is your classic movie theater. It’s nestled in Rogers, MN, and provides all the classics that you love, from a low ticket price to delicious buckets of popcorn. Seeing a movie is always a great activity for family night.

10. Oliver Kelley Farm

A short 15-minute drive, this beautiful farm has everything from farm animals to gorgeous trails that you won’t be able to resist. Make sure that you bring plenty of water and your own picnic blanket! There are special events every season. Make sure that you check out upcoming events before planning your trip!

11. Mall of America

The Mall of America is an hour’s drive from Rogers, but it’s well worth it if you can make the drive. The Mall of America is the largest mall in the world, and it’s filled with shopping and activities for every age!

This mall is packed with one retail store after another. You can find stores filled to the brim with everything imaginable. Whether you’re looking for clothing, shoes, or a cool souvenir to take back home, you can find it. One could easily get lost for hours moving from one store to another!

While that might sound fun, you don’t want to spend the entire day shopping. Thousands of square feet allow this mall to have multiple entertainment options for the entire family.

Explore a complete Nickelodeon Universe with the kids. Get lost in the amazing mirror maze. Spend the afternoon at Sea Life Aquarium, and then finish the night with a round of blacklight mini-golf. There are so many things to do at the Mall of America, you could easily spend weeks exploring them all. Make sure to plan your trip!

12. Minnesota Zoo

A little further away from the Mall of America, you’ll find another of the most popular attractions in the state: the Minnesota Zoo. Take the children to see what life is like on the farm down at the Well’s Fargo Farm section of the zoo. Enjoy the sight of pigs, cows, chickens and stop by the dairy barn.

Then, head over to Russia’s Grizzly Coast to see a leopard, otters, grizzly bears, and more! After that, don’t forget to check out the marine wildlife center for plenty of wildlife and marine life education. Before leaving, stop by the central gifts plaza to grab a souvenir!

13. Eleanors Arabian Farm

See a beautiful Arabian horse at one of the best things to do in Rogers, Minnesota
See a beautiful Arabian horse at one of the best things to do in Rogers, Minnesota

Eleanors Arabian Farm specializes in breeding Arabian and half Arabian horses. Their horses are showcased, and always a source of pride for the owners.

14. Guadalajara Rogers Mexican Restaurant

Bring your appetite for one of the most delicious things to do in Rogers. Guadalajara Rogers Mexican Restaurant is a true gem! The authentic Mexican cuisine offers a genuine Mexican taste that you simply don’t find everywhere else. Lively decor and friendly staff create an exciting atmosphere. Sink your teeth into a flaming fajita or enjoy the mouth-watering margaritas. If you love Mexican food, stop by while you’re in town.

Hours of Entertainment with Fun Things to Do in Rogers

The amazing parks are going to provide hours of entertainment for both adults and little ones. Nearby attractions, like the amusement park in the Mall of America or the Minnesota Zoo, are guaranteed to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you want excitement or primitive camping, you can find it in the many fun things to do in Rogers, Minnesota, and its surrounding area.